Pack your ropes neatly and safely in a rope bag

Rope Bags

Not only do rope bags facilitate the transportation of long ropes on technical terrain, but they also protect the sheath against dirt and abrasion. There’s a wide range of rope accessories, so here are a few tips to ease your decision process.

Rope bags’ materials and designs

Rope bags are made of extremely abrasion-resistant materials (usually nylon), which enables you to transport and securely put down the rope. Some models even have a coated outer, which makes them extremely weatherproof.
Rope bags also feature a wide, padded strap to enhance comfort whilst carrying it. If you prefer carrying your rope bag on your back, you can choose a bag with a backpack design that has two padded shoulder straps. We especially recommend this if you have a long approach ahead of you.
In addition, there are rope bags with very simple designs who’s primary function is to protect the rope. Better models are equipped with small organizer pockets, making it easier to stow away some other essentials.
Another important point to bear in mind is the packing technique. Every climber has their own way of packing a rope to ensure it’s tangle- and knot-free. As a result, rope bags come in various shape: they can either be long and narrow (tubular) or round. It all depends on your personal preference and whether you like to fold or stuff the rope into your bag. Some rope bags consist of a stuff sack and a rope tarp that are stitched together, while other rope bags come with a separate tarp. With such tarps, you can stuff the rope inside it, so your other essentials won’t get tangled into the rope.
In addition, you can attach your rope ends to the coloured loops, so you won’t need to search for them all the time.

How to choose the right size

If you’d only like to carry a single bag, then you can use a rope bag. Thanks to their large size, you won’t need to carry other bags for your harness, shoes, quickdraws or other climbing accessories. If you’ll be carrying heavy gear, then you should get a rope bag with padded straps. If all you’ll put in your bag is a rope, then you can opt for a shoulder bag, so your hands will remain free during your approach. A good rope bag will have space for a long single rope (70m) or two shorter half ropes (50m).

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