Hard shell helmets always protect your head reliably

Hard Shell Helmets

"the brain is the most important muscle for climbing". Even if it starts sounding a bit gauche, there definitely is truth to that statement. If you value protection and safety when climbing, a hard shell helmet should not be missing in your equipment. In mountain regions, hard shell helmets protect your head from falling rocks and ice, and guarantee injury-free climbs.

What is a hard shell helmet?

Hard shell helmets consist of a hard plastic outer shell and a harness on the inside. In case of an impact, the shock is absorbed by the hard shell helmet and dampened by the harness. Their specific shock absorption system allows hard shell helmets to resist several impacts. However, you should replace your helmet after a while. Moreover, the harness provides air circulation between the outer shell and the strap for you to keep a cool head. Hard shell helmets protect your head from injuries reliably and guarantee a successful and fun tour.

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