Hardshell helmets for reliable head protection

Hard Shell Helmets

“The brain is the most important muscle for climbing". Even if it sounds a bit cheesy, the statement is definitely true. If you value protection and safety whilst climbing, then a hardshell helmet is a must-have. In mountainous regions, they’ll protect your head against falling rocks and ice for injury-free climbs.

What is a hardshell helmet?

Hardshell helmets feature a hard plastic upper shell and a strap system on the inside. In case of an impact, the shock is absorbed by the hardshell helmet and dampened by the strap system. In addition, their specific shock absorption system allows the hardshell helmet to resist several impacts. However, you should still replace your helmet after some time. Moreover, the strap system provides air circulation between the upper shell and the straps, ensuring your head remains cool. Most importantly, hardshell helmets are there to protect your head against injuries and guarantee a successful and fun adventure.

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