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For children, for parents - and for the planet.

Reima Kids

Active kids can be wrapped up in Reima clothing from head-to-toe. The Finns prioritize functionality, beautiful design and ease-of-use. Because what's the point in having a great jacket if you don't like wearing it? With this in mind, all products are tested extensively by a troop of little adventurers - the Reima Test Patrol - for their suitability, before being made available for sale.

Reima's company philosophy doesn't only revolve around its little customers. It is the parents who will be amazed by the low-maintenance and longevity of the products. All materials and coatings used are completely non-toxic, which also ultimately benefits the planet - the third aspect of Reima's sustainability policy. All suppliers in the production chain must sign up to the company's own code of conduct, which focuses on social standards. Independent control units such as the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), periodically check compliance with these guidelines. By making products as robust and long-lasting as possible, the Finns want to keep the amount of waste to a minimum. What's more, partially recycled materials are used in the production process, in order to further a-text--reduce the impact on the environment. These are just some of the reasons clothing by the Reima company, which was founded back in 1944, satisfy the entire family, with the children themselves feeling right at home in the clothes.

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