Hammocks: Super comfortable and made to feel good


Hammocks come in many beautiful designs and different constructions. From the traditional, colorful hammock, up to lightweight travel hammocks. There's something for every taste and purpose. A hammock chair makes the reading corner in the living room a cozy haunt - kids will love a child's hammock.
A lightweight, packable hammock from Exped fits in every climbing backpack. So you can always find a comfortable place for your lunch break between climbing or bouldering. Add a small pillow from home or a great travel pillow and nothing stands in the way of a relaxing half hour. At the campsite a hammock can be attached easily between two trees. On sweltering days, you need not have to worry about the sun protection for La Siesta.


Different designs of hammocks

  • Fabric hammocks: The most traditional version without cross bars at the ends. If you've ever been on the road in Latin America or the Amazon, you'll have seen these models. They are very comfortable and you can sleep at a pleasant height from the floor. The reclining position is flat so the back is straight. No matter which way you turn, the hammock wraps around the body - super comfortable!
  • Rod hammocks The spreader bar keeps the mattress support tensioned so it's easy to get in. You lie in the middle, the wider the bars, the more stable the lying position. As the rod hammocks are always taut, they can b hung lower than fabric hammocks.
  • Net hammocks: As the name suggests, this is made of a net. This adapts perfectly to the body shape, with no wrinkles, and so it is really comfortable. This air can circulate from the bottom. So Net Hammocks are ideal for hot summer days. At the same time these are very stable and are often used as a double hammock.

Useful additions for use at home

A nice hammock can also used be in the house or on the balcony. A personal reading and lounging corner is quickly and easily assembled and dissembled. How about a nice hanging chair? A frame ensures that no holes need to be drilled in the wall to attach the hammock safely.

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