Snow spikes for winter hiking

Snow Spikes

If the trail is made of snow or ice, snow spikes provide secure grip and stability. Snow spikes are a form of crampon that are strapped directly under the shoe. Unlike crampons snow spikes have smaller prongs so do not require special shoes and can be mounted on any solid hiking shoes if necessary. So you can traverse slippery terrain or icy trails without problems.

When do you need snow spikes?

Anyone who wants to go hiking in winter or early spring should pack snow spikes in their luggage. When it comes to longer distances on snowy or icy roads, then snow spikes are not just helpful, they also ensure that extra level of security. Especially with dangerous descents, it can not hurt to secure your position.

Which snow spikes for which surface?

As a rule, snow spikes have four or six points and are strapped with belts under the hiking shoes. 4-point snow spikes should be used mainly on easy routes. Optimum security is guaranteed on snowy or icy routes. If you hike off the beaten track, then 6-point crampons are recommended. The additional prongs make it possible to overcome steeper, even more difficult terrain.

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