You won’t ever get cold again with the right down trousers

Down Trousers

Down trousers are built to keep your body warm and ensure you're well-prepared for adventures in cold climates and at high altitudes. There’s no toastier and more comfortable combination than wearing a pair of down trousers with its matching down jacket. Particularly in situations when you aren’t moving very much, be it when hanging out in your tent or taking a break from bouldering or climbing, down trousers are guaranteed to keep your body cosy. When sleeping and taking a break, your body tends to cool down quickly in cold climates, so it’s important to protect yourself against the cold and frostbites with a good pair of down trousers and a down jacket. Wearing down trousers to bed ensures comfort and will prepare you for the following day’s outdoor adventures.

Features of good down trousers

Wearing down trousers as an insulating layer has many advantages: not only are they lightweight, but they also have a small pack size, so you're guaranteed to have enough space in your backpack. Plus, down offers a great balance between “too warm” and “too cold”, which isn’t usually the case with fleece trousers or lined winter trousers. The down fill even absorbs moisture produced by the body and can transport it to the outside at low temperatures. As a result, a good pair of down trousers and a down jacket will ensure your body remains at an ideal temperature and will prevent you from freezing in your tent or cabin.

How to care for your down trousers

Down is a very sensitive insulating fabric because it can clump and lose its insulating properties when exposed to moisture. It’s therefore essential to air out down trousers and down jackets in a dry place whenever they get damp. In addition, you should wash your down trousers every now and then with a down detergent. This ensures the down maintains its fill power and its insulating potential. By following these tips, you’ll be able to go on many adventures with your down trousers and down jacket.

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