No more freezing with the right kind of down trousers

Down Trousers

Down trousers need to keep the body warm so you are well-prepared for adventures in cold areas and at large altitudes. No other piece of clothing is warmer and more comfortable than down trousers in combination with a matching down jacket. Particularly in situations when you are not moving very, much down trousers will keep your body at a comfortable temperature. This involves staying in your tent but also breaks from bouldering or climbing. When you are not moving, your body cools down very quickly. So during rests it is important to protect yourself against the cold and frostbite with down trousers and a down jacket. With a good pair of down filled pants you can go to bed with the ideal kind of clothing and start into a new outdoor adventure on the next day.

Features of good down trousers

The advantages of down trousers as additional insulation are clear. Their low weight along small packable volume makes them an item that always fits into your backpack. Down has the property that the temperature range between ‘too warm' and ‘too cold' is much larger than, for example in the case of fleece trousers or lined winter trousers. The down filling absorbs the moisture that was produced by the body and at a low temperature transmits it to the outside. This way a good pair of down trousers ensures that your body is at the ideal temperature at any time. A good pair of down pants and a down jacket will guarantee that there will be no more freezing at night in your tent or in a cabin.

Overview Maintaining down pants

Down is a very sensitive material for insulation. It clots when there is too much moisture and thereby looses its insulation capacity. Because of this it is essential to properly air out down clothing if they have gotten damp. Of course this needs to happen in a dry place. Moreover, you should wash your down filled trousers every now and than with a down detergent. Then the down can maintain its bulking power and with it its insulation potential. Following this advice, you will experience quite a few adventures with your down trousers and down jacket.

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