Equip yourself with a good winter jacket for your next adventure

Winter Jackets

When the days start getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, it’s time to equip yourself with a warm, functional winter jacket that can optimally shield you from the snow and cold. But, you've got to make sure you buy one before the first snowfall.

Imagine walking on a cold, clear winter day and being wrapped up tight and protected from the elements. How wonderful! Winter clothes are perfect in these situations because they’ll prevent you from freezing. Not only will a functional winter jacket keep you toasty, but it’ll also protect you or your little ones against the elements. In other words, the snow, wind, and rain don’t stand a chance against a high-quality winter jacket. Plus, there are designs specially tailored to women, so everyone is guaranteed to find their perfect fit!

Which winter jacket for which winter adventure?

Mountaineers and alpinists need a different type of jacket than those made for leisure and hill walking. Even winter athletes, such as skiers and snowboarders, need specific features that are rarely found in warm everyday jackets.

Mountaineers need functional hardshell jackets filled with down to feel good on their climb to the summit

When you’re alpine climbing or mountaineering, weight, functionality and durability are super important. Winter jackets made for mountain sports should be equipped with a windproof, waterproof and breathable membrane. During a sudden storm or snowfall, a waterproof hardshell jacket will reliably protect you against the cold and moisture. Plus, in extremely cold temperatures, having an ultra-light down jacket as an extra insulating layer is a must. Down jackets are great because the fill optimally insulates heat, they’re super lightweight and can fit compactly in your backpack. Even sport climbers and boulderers love wearing down jackets between their climbing routes to prevent them from excessively cooling down. In addition, a good winter jacket should keep you dry during strenuous activities, such as ski touring, snowshoeing and ice climbing. In other words, your sweat should be able to escape through the permeable membrane.

Winter Jackets

You’ll need more on the slopes

A ski jacket is recommended for skiing and snowboarding. These typically feature a good lining, are waterproof and windproof, have a powder skirt, several inside and outside pockets, a longer cut and a helmet-compatible hood. With great functional and stylish clothes, skiing is guaranteed to be more fun!

Winter apparel for the outdoors and daily life

When browsing through winter jackets, you should look at their recommended use. Where, when, and during which activities should you wear the jacket? What should it be able to do? If you enjoy mountain sports or outdoor activities, then you need to make sure you have a good outer layer. This will help you to enjoy your wonderful winter experiences.

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