Optimally secured with full-body harnesses

Full-Body Harnesses

On glaciers, in climbing parks or when working at height, a full-body harness provides more comfort and safety than a sit harness. Further advantages and uses of full-body harnesses are explained below.

Design and purpose of a full-body harness

A full-body harness is a combination of a sit harness and a chest harness. It ensures a more secure fit and is the most comfortable type of climbing harness. Plus, they often have fixed loops, which even makes them the safest type of climbing harness.
In addition to using them on glacier crossings and when climbing, full-body harnesses are ideal for working at dangerous heights. Such harnesses are particularly suitable for children and climbing beginners, since they can be adjusted very precisely.

Increased safety with full-body harnesses

Since the tie-in point of a full-body harness is higher than on a sit harness, the risk of turning and falling head first is reduced. Full-body harnesses are also ideal when carrying a backpack because the weight being carried is also more likely to turn you over with a sit harness.

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