Varied training with the right climbing holds

Climbing Holds

Don't be misled into thinking that a climbing hold is just a climbing hold and they're all just the same. There are huge differences in quality when it comes to climbing grips. No matter how tempting the price may be, it is well worth going for a high-quality brand name product over something cheap and cheerful. Training with climbing holds should not only be fun, effective and varied, safety should also play an important role.

Shapes and colors of climbing holds

In the past the stated objective of climbing hold manufacturers was to reproduce natural rock structures as accurately as possible. Today the focus has shifted. It was soon discovered that an ergonomic grip helps to reduce the risk of injury when climbing training. Climbing holds with overly sharp edges and finger holes were quick to cause cases of tendonitis and capsular injuries etc. At the end of the day climbing training can only be effective if you come through it unscathed.

When it comes to climbing holds, the wide range of colors is not only for aesthetics. They allow you to determine recognizable routes at a glance. Placing different colors in a small space allows you to create two or three different routes. But for all climbers who set up their own small training room for climbing and bouldering at home, the colorful climbing holds also brighten up the dark basement.

Safety when it comes to climbing holds

Another crucial mark of quality is safety standards. On the one hand, these standards guarantee that the climbing holds do not give off any harmful substances when coming into contact with the skin. On the other hand, they guarantee that parts will not fall should something break under a heavy load.

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