Let out your inner gourmet with the right outdoor crockery

Camping Crockery

Outdoor cutlery, outdoor pots, outdoor mugs... There is a gigantic selection of outdoor crockery for cooking and eating out of doors or on the road. Most utensils are also available in several variants made of an assortment of materials!
Here are a few tips to help you find your way in the jungle of crockery.

Types of outdoor crockery

The broad term crockery basically refers, in this context, to everything you need on the road to prepare, consume, and store food.
Starting with cutlery, it goes on to cover mugs and plates as well as pots and insulated containers. The range of outdoor crockery also contains helpful utensils for preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards. Among these are foldable containers for doing the dishes as well as sets with tins for spices and various openers or brushes.

Materials for outdoor crockery

Depending on the type of crockery, there are different materials involved. Cutlery is mostly made of polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum and (more rarely) titanium too. While plastic is lightweight, cheap, and functional, metals last significantly longer and are more robust. Stainless steel is very stable, but aluminum is considerably lighter. Titanium crockery is extremely robust but light, although the price seems to say something else.
Pots are basically the same. Aluminum pots are the most common, because they are lightweight and conduct heat well. If you favor something more durable, you can get the coated model.
Your favored drinking and eating utensils are definitely a matter of taste. Many swear by plastic mugs, while others prefer tried and tested aluminum crockery. Plastic mugs and plates are often foldable and very light. Anyone who doesn't bother too much about weight and favors stability, should stick to the familiar stainless steel mugs and plates.
Crockery also encompasses storage containers like thermos cups and cans. They are almost exclusively made of plastic, but there are some stainless steel models for the die-hards.There are even wooden brushes, which go easy on your pots!

Details on outdoor crockery

Apart form the material used and their properties and, of course, the size, what you should look out for while buying are the added options the crockery offer you.
There are suitable handles for pans, coffee presses for pots, toast extensions for cookers. Mugs and tins can also be stacked and transported compactly. With a bit of planning while buying crockery, you can thus put together a set uniquely tailored to your needs and thoroughly enjoy eating and cooking - whether you are on tour or on a business trip!

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