Camping pans for the outdoor kitchen

Many camping-style cooking sets are already equipped with a small camping pan in which you can easily prepare a few fried eggs, fried rice or pasta dishes for one or two people. Unlike camping pots, frying pans have a low rim and a larger base. The pans found in camping sets are often compact, so that they also work perfectly on small gas cookers or spirit cookers.

Larger outdoor pans are suitable for larger cooking surfaces, more elaborate dishes and for feeding several people. They tend to be heavier and are perfect for use in the base camp or at the camping site. With removable or foldable handles, they are very easy to transport and store in a space-saving way. Therefore, they are not only ideal for camping, but also for cooking in your caravan or motorhome and are a super addition to camping pots and camping cutlery.

Outdoor pans made from coated aluminium

Lightweight camping pans are usually made from aluminium. They are often provided with additional non-stick coatings or scratch-resistant coatings. Stainless steel is also used in the manufacture of outdoor pans, as it is particularly durable, corrosion-resistant and very hygienic. Compared to an aluminium pan of the same size, however, the stainless steel pan is slightly heavier. High-quality pans from Primus are light and sturdy at the same time and are also very suitable to be carried in your walking or travelling backpack.

Wrought-iron outdoor pans offer maximum stability. They are ideal for cooking on an open fire and are often used in tent camps and group trips. However, these tough pans are much too heavy for camping equipment and are also only suitable for use with camping cookers to a certain extent. They cope very well with high heat and are extremely durable and dimensionally stable. Hikers and ultralight campers often forego carrying an extra pan. However, all campers who like to prepare a delicious meal with somewhat more extensive camping cookware are well advised to use a medium-sized aluminium pan with a scratch-resistant, non-stick coating.

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