Waterproof Gore-Tex shoes for outdoors, sport and leisure


Thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, shoes not only offer lasting waterproof protection, but are also highly breathable and let water vapour escape outwards from your feet. This makes the Gore-Tex membrane suitable for all kinds of sport and leisure activities and even everyday wear in damp or wet conditions. Be it lined Gore-Tex winter boots, walking and trekking boots, running and cycling shoes or waterproof sneakers and work shoes - thanks to their functional membrane, Gore's clever invention keeps your feet dry in every situation.

The Gore-Tex membrane features tiny, microscopic openings. They are so tiny that they are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. As a result, water and moisture cannot penetrate the membrane into the interior of the shoe. The damp molecules that are produced inside the shoe through exercise, however, are so small that they can be transported out through the microporous surface. This makes Gore-Tex shoes, Gore-Tex jackets and Gore-Tex trousers waterproof, windproof and breathable all at the same time.

Gore-Tex walking shoes and Gore-Tex running shoes

When it comes to high-quality walking and trekking gear, waterproof shoes are an absolute must. Whether it's dew-covered fields in the morning, snowfields at high altitudes or intermittent showers in the late afternoon - when hiking at any time of year and in most regions, rain and wet weather is to be expected. Thanks to waterproof Gore-Tex boots with a high shaft, hikers are perfectly equipped for any weather in the mountains and on all terrains. With these waterproof walking boots, even crossing shallow watercourses and mountain streams is no problem at all.

Lightweight trail running shoes are also available with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. In light rain and only slight wet conditions, however, many runners prefer shoes without a membrane as these provide even better ventilation. When training in the rain, in wet fields or on mountain trails with changeable weather conditions, Gore-Tex running shoes keep your feet dry on longer runs too.

Gore-Tex Comfort and Gore-Tex Surround shoes

For the development of sports shoes and outdoor shoes, the Gore-Tex membrane is offered in different designs that vary in their functionality. All different designs, however, are extremely waterproof and breathable. For Gore-Tex winter boots and lined Gore-Tex boots, companies like Hanwag, Scarpa or Lowa usually use Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort. This is characterised by its thick layer of insulation between the lining and Gore-Tex membrane, making it ideal for use in the snow and on mountaineering expeditions.

The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort variants functions with a light polyester layer between the lining and membrane and is often used in walking boots and waterproof shoes for everyday wear. The Gore-Tex Extended Comfort is aimed at trail runners and endurance athletes. The “Extended Comfort” variant has no additional layer between the membrane and lining for optimum breathability of the running shoes. The design of the Gore-Tex Surround shoes is particularly innovative. Thanks to vents in the edge of the sole, air can circulate to the soles of the feet. Water vapour and heat are therefore not only wicked away from the top and sides of the outdoor shoes, but from around the entire foot.