A safe and soft landing with the bouldering crash pad


Bouldering comes along with difficult situations. When climbing through a complicated passage, you may loose your grip. Your bouldering crash pad ensures that your landing on the ground is safe and soft. Bouldering crash pads consist of two or three layers of foam and look very much like gymnastics pads. Most designs are foldable or rollable for easy transport to the bouldering spot.

What should be kept in mind when purchasing a crash pad?

Bouldering is a very challenging sport. In order to keep the risk of injury as low as possible, a crash pad is absolutely necessary. Because of this the number of products on offer is very large. You can get crash pads in all designs and dimensions and with all degrees of hardness. But there are a few basic things that all crash pads should be equipped with.

The way to the bouldering spot can be far. Because of this most crash pads are equipped with backpack-straps, which enables you to transport them comfortably. The outer cover of crash pads should be tear-resistant, sturdy and most importantly easy to clean. You should be able to remove earth or chalk from your crash pad.

How is a crash pad constructed?

The upper layer of foam is normally a bit harder. This will prevent you from twisting your ankle when landing on your feet. Apart from that it transmits stress at equal levels to the lower layers. The lower levels should be softer, so the fall gets cushioned as much as possible. If there is a third layer, it is normally a bit harder than the second so when falling, you won't touch the ground. Slanted folds also help to prevent you from touching the ground.

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