Beach shelters for sun and wind protection on the beach

Beach shelters

At the beach, for swimming at the lake, at an open-air swimming pool and when camping, beach shelters are a popular addition to beach equipment or camping equipment. The practical beach shelters from Outwell and Uquip are available as a practical pop-up tent, as a pop-up beach shelter, as an inflatable beach shelter, and in designs that are constructed with classic tent poles.

Beach shelters are basically semi-open dome tents made from the same materials as other tents. This often includes a stable base and a lightweight outer material made of polyester, polyamide or nylon. Foldable tent poles for beach shelters are usually made of fibreglass.

Beach shelters instead of beach windbreaks

A classic beach windbreak resembles a wall or fence. The windbreak is fixed with posts in the sand or in the ground and then securely fixed with guy lines. The beach shelter, on the other hand, not only offers good protection from the wind and blowing grains of sand, but also provides very good UV protection.

An average beach shelter either offers space for one adult to sit, just like in a tent, or two people to lie and keep either their upper body or legs are in the shade. With an additional parasol, the size of the shade can be extended even further. Couples or small families can sit comfortably and are well protected from wind and UV radiation.

Pop up beach shelter and beach tent

Putting up normal tents is not permitted at most bathing lakes and bathing beaches. A beach shelter, on the other hand, is considered more of a mix between a sunshade and a windbreak. A pop-up beach shelter practically sets itself up. It unfolds easily, and then collapses into a large flat disc for transport.

A beach shelter with poles, on the other hand, takes a little longer to set up, but also requires only a few movements and can be done in just a few minutes. The classic beach shelter with poles can be transported compactly in a stuff sack. Especially for kids and families, beach shelters are the optimal protection from sand and wind and ensure carefree days in the sun.

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