Quick and secure: A snapgate carabiner

Snapgate Carabiners

As their name already reveals, snapgate carabiners do not have a safety lock but they come with a snap gate. The gate of snapgate carabiners is fixed with a spring. To open it, the jack simply has to be pushed inwards. This enables an easy clipping of the snapgate carabiner when you are in a hurry. Wherever there is no need for permanent belay devices, snapgate carabiners come handy - just as for intermediate connection points. One or ideally good range of snapgate carabiners should be a part of every well-equipped climbing gear!

What type of snapgate carabiners are there and what should they be able to do?

Snapgate carabiners are available in different sizes, which can be chosen in accordance to the intended purpose and personal preferences. Yet, some properties are essential for all non-locking carabiners. They should provide you with great handling, while being able to clip fast and securely - after all, usually everything needs to be done quickly and single-handedly. Additionally, snapgate carabiners should be robust and contain a high level of breaking load. High-quality snapgate carabiners are extremely essential for the climbing equipment!

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