In the mountains with the appropriate via ferrata carabiner

Via Ferrata Carabiners

Just as there are special carabiners in rock climbing for securing routes or belays points, there are also special models for use on via ferratas. Here are some of those via ferrata carabiners.

Shape and construction of via ferrata carabiners

Carabiners that are specifically designed for use on via ferratas usually have a slightly more ergonomic shape than conventional carabiners. Via ferrata carabiners are curved at the bottom to make them easier to grip and open when wearing gloves. They are also easy to clip with just one hand.
The size of a via ferrata carabiner is more similar to a HMS carabiner than a small locking carabiner or quickdraw carabiner. This makes it possible to use the carabiner in combination with all elements of the via ferrata set.

Locking mechanism of via ferrata carabiners

The locking mechanism is designed so that the gate of the via ferrata carabiner can be easily opened with one hand. For improved safety the sleeve secures the gate when the hand is released to prevent accidental opening.
The opening is very large to prevent the gate nose from getting hooked on the safety rope when removing the carabiner.
A special carabiner for via ferrata makes handling a lot easier and ensures more fun on the rocks!

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