Multiday trekking and camping backpacks

Trekking Backpacks

The name trekking originally signifies multiday tours that take place on the outskirts of civilization. It is therefore necessary to carry the entire gear for this activity on one's person. The volume must be accordingly big and one thus talks of walking backpacks from a volume of 40-60 l. One often speaks of camping backpacks or even hiking backpacks in this regard, while the last one refers to multiday tours or cottage tours and not daylong tours.

The demands on the trekking or camping backpack can vary depending on season, stress, and duration of the trekking tour. Modern trekking models are thus real multi-talents for extreme requirements.

A large range of camping backpacks from manufacturers like Arc'teryx, Deuter, Gregory, Mammut, Fjällräven and Osprey are available in our product range.

Properties of trekking backpacks

Greater loads of more than 10 kg have to be carried over a period of days. For this reason, camping backpacks must guarantee exceptional carrying comfort and be consequently robust. The manufacturers have developed various systems that orient themselves to the human anatomy. A large part of the weight is thus not carried by the shoulders, but instead transferred to the pelvis via a well-padded harness.
The standard repertoire also encompasses good back padding and a carrying system, which ensures that the backpack does not lie directly on the back thus preventing excessive sweating in this area.

Trekking Backpacks

Further details of some camping backpacks

The differences between the models are as diverse as their purposes. Most backpacks for trekking and camping are thus constructed as so called top loaders - filling occurs from the top. If it should not be as rudimentary as this, some manufacturers also offer models with side zippers. This makes it easy to access stuff in the lower part of the bag, without having to unpack the entire content. The waterproof jacket should thus be stowed at the very top of the backpack, the sleeping bag in its special compartment at the bottom and everything fits!

While trekking or camping, one often reaches intermediary destinations, where one stays at one place for some time. To ensure that one doesn't have to bring along the entire luggage always, some trekking backpacks also have the option of attaching daypacks as a permanent component. The daypacks can be used in this case for a short excursion.

If it becomes wet, a waterproof backpack is practical. A rain cover, which is integrated into some models or available as an accessory, is just as good.

Purpose and the right size

The choice of the right backpack heavily depends on the recommended use and personal requirement. If one likes to travel light and quickly, and has tailored the entire gear towards this purpose, there are obviously appropriately lightweight backpack models for this purpose. If one prefers a bit more comfort and had rather have too much than too little, or wants to go camping, a more robust, larger model is recommended.

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