Large backpacks for trekking & camping

Trekking Backpacks

The word trekking means going on a multi-day tour on the outskirts of civilization. This activity entails carrying your entire gear on your own. So, you'll need a walking backpack built for trekking with a volume between 40 and 60 litres. These are not the same as camping backpacks or hill walking backpacks.

Of course, your gear will be different depending on the season, your requirements and the duration of the trek. As a result, modern backpacks for trekking are multi-talented and made for extreme requirements.

In our shop, you can find a wide range of trekking backpacks from manufacturers, such as Arc'teryx, Deuter, Gregory, Mammut, Fjällräven and Osprey.

Properties of trekking backpacks

When going on a multi-day adventure, you typically need to carry 10kg or more of gear. As a result, trekking backpacks should be both comfortable to carry and durable. Many manufacturers have developed their own systems that are specially designed to fit our anatomy. They ensure that a large part of the weight is transferred to the pelvis via a well-padded belt rather than the shoulders.
Plus, both the great padding and the optimized carrying system prevent the backpack from lying directly on your back to stop you from sweating.

Trekking Backpacks

More features

The different models can vary a lot from each other depending on their area of use. For example, most backpacks made for trekking and camping are toploaders, i.e. they are filled from the top. However, some manufacturers also offer models with side zips, which makes it easy for you to reach for things in the lower part of the backpack. Plus, if you stow away your waterproof jacket at the very top of the backpack and your sleeping bag in its special compartment at the bottom, everything will fit perfectly!

For short excursion during a trek, some manufacturers offer walking backpacks with a daypack attached to it, so you won’t need to carry all your gear with you.

In addition, having a waterproof walking backpack is very practical in case of a rainfall. As an alternative, you can use a rain cover, which is integrated into some models or available as an accessory.

Purpose and sizing

When choosing a walking backpack, you'll need to determine the use and identify your own requirements. If you like to travel light and with speed and don’t carry too much gear, then you can go for a lightweight walking backpack. If you value comfort and would rather carry a bit more gear rather than too little, or if you want to go backpacking, a more durable, larger model is recommended.

You can find everything you need for your next adventure in our trekking shop.

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