Avoid a dry throat with the right hydration backpack

Hydration Backpack

Whether it's Transalp, Nordic walking, or mountaineering: A hydration system has high practical value during sporting activities. Since it's lightweight, you're able to concentrate entirely on the tour. Here are a few tips for choosing the right hydration system so that every man and woman can have one.

Determining the size of the hydration backpack

Hydration backpacks are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 30 liters. The small variants leave little room for equipment other than the hydration bladder. The larger models, however, have enough room to carry accessories for multi-day tours.
Small hydration backpacks (4-10 liters) are especially suitable for brief excursions. This is the right size for walking, running and competitions. Aside from the hydration bladder, these backpacks have enough room for energy bars and wind jackets.
The mid-sized variants (11-20 liters) are well-suited for day trips such as bike tours and multi-pitch tours. They also work well for long mountain bike races and stage races (Transalp on foot). There's also enough room for a first aid kit and a change of clothes. It's the classic daypack.
Large hydration backpacks (21-30 liters) are used for multi-day tours: Crossing the Alps on a bike or ultralight backpacking.

Weight, fit and features of hydration backpacks

Hydration backpacks have a very light construction for use in quick, intensive sporting activities. They weigh less than 1 kg. The upper material has a weatherproof coating instead of a rain cover.
The cut is long and tight-fitting. This prevents weight from shifting with prolonged movement as in climbing and running. There are no female-specific models due to the size of the backpack and the simple hip belt (small load).
Attachment options are available, but with minimalistic designs: mesh pockets and drawstrings. Hydration systems include details such as helmet carriers and lumbar packs. The hydration bladder compartment has a large opening so you don't have to remove the pouch to fill it. These round off the features of hydration systems.

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