More fun on the rocks with the right climbing accessories

Climbing Accessories

Clip sticks, liquid chalk, tape. It's the little things that make the big differences. Find out here what the climbing world has to offer in terms of accessories.

Climbing accessories for the fingers: chalk and tape

A well-stocked chalk bag should be standard climbing equipment for any climber. The choice of chalk bag usually comes down to looks alone, but there are small differences to look out for when it comes to the powder. The composition is almost always the same, but you will have to decide if you prefer loose chalk or a chalk ball. Solid chalk is slightly cheaper, but for that you need to break it down yourself. If you want to avoid the use of chalk bag you will need to go for liquid chalk. With liquid chalk you simply use it once before the route to dry your hands. Choosing a protective tape usually comes down to the width. For smaller hands and when less stabilization is required go for a narrower tape. If the joints need protecting then go for a wider tape.

Staying strong: climbing accessories for training

For those who like to exercise their fingers during the lunch break or at home on the sofa there are special climbing accessories for finger training. As well as putty balls and putty rings, individual holds can be mounted in your home to improve finger strength. There are also mechanical accessories such as compression springs and the Powerball with which you can work your upper arms and shoulders.

An array of climbing accessories

Other accessories that make a days climbing that little bit easier include boulder brushes for cleaning holds, accessories for rope maintenance and storage (e.g. carry straps) and special hand knives for cutting climbing ropes. Hand and lip creams are worth their weight in gold after a day in cold, dry conditions. And then there's the clip stick. These special accessories make it easier to clip in quickdraws.

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