Finding the right climbing harness

Climbing Harnesses

Indoor or outdoor climbing, as well as Alpine and multi-pitch tours are becoming increasingly popular. It is a fact that people have always been irresistibly drawn to sheer cliffs and untouched peaks. Conquering these requires not only finesse and stamina, but also - and very importantly - the right equipment. That includes a helmet, ice pick, and ropes - and also a climbing harness. The climbing harness adds the necessary safety to your climb, and is an essential part of your personal safety gear.

Not every climbing harness is the same

Climbing harnesses are available in a number of different variations. There are sports climbing harnesses for indoor climbing and rock climbing harnesses for alpine terrain, climbing harnesses for women, climbing harnesses for kids, and so-called full harnesses, which come with an additional chest strap. Climbing harnesses for women and climbing harnesses for children are designed specifically for the female or child's ergonomic needs of the body. There are also professional climbing harnesses, which offer the necessary safety for e.g. the pruning of trees in the forest. And there are the ultra-light climbing harnesses, which are designed for the specific needs of extreme sports enthusiasts.

Simple or comfortable - there are climbing harnesses for any requirement

You can choose from climbing harnesses with particular focus on comfort, or those that are designed to be as simple as possible. While the simpler models usually come with loops for the legs and hips only, state of the art sports climbing harnesses come with extra padding and flexible settings. These will prevent any discomfort while being suspended, and the straps can fit over several layers of clothing without any problem. Many climbing harnesses offer the additional benefit of adjusting the position of the anchor point and the width of the leg loops. A rock climbing harness will sometimes also double as a tool belt for your equipment. Various gear loops on the side of the harness offer ample space for quickdraws, carabiner, accessory cords, nuts, and other equipment needed for lead climbing.

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