Sports headbands for runners and winter athletes

Sports Headbands

There are two different types of headbands: One type of headband keeps your ears warm and protects the head from cold like a beanie. The other type of headband has been developed for strenuous power and endurance sports and prevents sweat from the athletes brows from running into their eyes.

The warm headbands for the winter are very popular for leisure wear, everyday wear and for winter sports. With a mid-weight to thick lining the elastic headbands are made from wool, merino wool, synthetic fibre or fleece. Hybrids with cute knitted fabric on the outside and a cosy fleece on the inside of the headband are also popular.

Skiing and cross-country skiing with headbands

For alpine skiing most skiers wear a ski helmet. With a warming headband as a practical, lightweight and compact addition, you will be perfectly equipped for the huts or for strenuous climbs on ski tours. Headbands guarantee you warm and wind-protected ears, but also provide optimal ventilation. That's why headbands are also worn by cross-country skiers and are as popular in cross country skiing as hats and beanies.

Joggers, trail runners and other endurance athletes reach for slim and elasticated headbands in terry cloth, which absorb beads of sweat from the forehead, providing clear vision while running. But runners can also choose the slightly wider headbands, which also protect the ears and in some cases are equipped with breathable membranes or windstoppers. These headbands provide gentle warmth with their elastic fleeces. They are not as warm as the headbands for winter sports from Stöhr, Barts or Vaude.

Tubular scarves as headbands

A multi-functional Buff is perfect for wearing as a headband and is also very lightweight and breathable. The thin material makes them ideally suitable as a headband under a biking or climbing helmet and they provide a fantastic combination of wind protection and warmth.

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