Finding the right bike cap

Bike Caps

Bike caps are a type of head gear you would usually wear underneath your bike helmet. It protects you against cold, humidity, UV radiation, and the sun.
Since there are many different types of beanies, caps, and hoods for cyclists, the following points are to provide you with information and help you choose the most suitable model.

Features of bike caps

Generally speaking, bike caps should always be breathable. In the summer as well as in winter, fabrics that absorb sweat effectively and let it escape to the outside are worth their weight in gold and protect your head from cooling down or overheating.
At cold temperatures and in winter, models with windstoppers are a sensible solution. Such models are bike caps with a windproof membrane or made of windproof, close-meshed fabrics. They protect your head effectively from cold airstreams flowing through the ventilation openings on your helmet.
An additional feature of caps with a membrane is an improved weather protection. If the membrane is wind and waterproof at the same time, the cap acts as a weatherproof hood underneath your helmet, which is particularly useful for cycling under changing weather conditions.
The broad majority of bike caps are of an ergonomic and tightly fitting design. Thanks to their flat seams, these caps are comfortable to wear underneath a helmet. Some models come with a practical peak that looks great and protects you from the blinding sunlight.
There are also models shaped like headbands. They protect your eyes from sweat and, just like all other bike caps, provide additional padding, which makes your helmet more comfortable to wear. This design is particularly useful at high temperatures and can also be used as simple protection for your ears.
Bike caps also come as hoods. They can be attached to compatible jackets and are pulled over the helmet. Their adjustable design and reinforced peak offer even better weather protection than regular waterproof caps.
In our online shop you will find bike caps by manufacturers like POC, Pearl Izumi, Maloja, Vaude, and X-Bionic.

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