Hard shell, soft core: softshell trousers

Softshell Trousers

Softshell jackets have quickly taken over the world of outdoor sports. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but they’re also lightweight and breathable. They’re even warm and provide reliable protection against the wind and the rain. However, this doesn’t only apply to jackets! There are also softshell trousers on the market made of the same durable and comfortable materials. Softshell trousers feel soft and cosy on your skin just like fleece trousers, and they're very elastic, so you can move freely in them. As for their outer, it’s very durable and tough, making them great versatile companions for various mountain sports.

Who needs softshell trousers?

They’re great for anyone who's looking for trousers made of durable materials and who enjoy being outdoors no matter the weather. Sometimes, wearing ski or snow trousers is unnecessary because softshell trousers provide enough protection against the cold and snow. In addition, these trousers are more compact and a lot more flexible, which comes in handy whilst climbing in particularly challenging environments.

Softshell trousers are brimming with many amazing features, such as their durable softshell material. Whilst hill walking, your normal trousers are at risk of ripping when coming into contact with crags. However, if you’re wearing softshell trousers, they’ll look as good as new after every adventure.

There are many different models that are specially tailored to a certain sport, be it climbing, hill walking, snowshoeing or ski touring. However, that doesn’t mean you actually need special softshell trousers for each sport. In other words, you can wear the softshell trousers you originally purchased for ski touring as hill walking and climbing trousers. We do recommend investing in a summer and winter model because the warmth they provide can greatly differ.

What fabric are softshell trousers made of?

Softshell trousers are made of a powerful high-tech fabric that’s been specially designed for outdoor sports. The fabric is very breathable, it offers reliable protection against the wind, it’s soft, elastic and offers a full range of motion. Softshell trousers can sometimes (depending on the weather) replace the two outer layers you would usually wear when layering up for your mountain sport.

In addition, softshell trousers can be warm, breathable, wind-resistant and durable depending on the materials and workmanship. And, they’ll reliably keep the snow and rain at bay. However, such trousers won’t replace actual rain protection. In addition, their outermost layer is made of an abrasion-resistant textile fabric, while the lining consists of a moisture-wicking velour, such as fleece. As a result, you can replace your base layers with comfortable softshell trousers.

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