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The popular Scandinavian outdoor brand Fjällräven with its unmistakable red arctic fox logo manufactures products that stand out from the crowd thanks to their style, high-quality fabrics and workmanship. Fjällräven’s general rule is that "anything that isn't necessary is wasteful." This is clearly reflected in their products because they have a sleek, unique design without unnecessary features, making them perfect for outdoor adventures.

Thanks to their simple elegance, some products even gained popularity far beyond the outdoor sector. Speaking of popularity, the Vidda trousers and the Kanken backpack are available in over 20 countries in America, Asia and Europe.

Fjällräven doesn’t regard itself as a sports or everyday fashion brand, but simply considers itself an outdoor brand. It values functionality and creates products that can take on the rough conditions of the Scandinavian Mountains. Their clothes can withstand weather changes, downpours, gusts of wind and hot days in the far north. As a result, they’ll be able to handle any trek or hike in the world.

Durable products as a measure for environmental protection

The Scandinavians strive to create eco-friendly and socially-responsible clothes, sleeping bags, backpacks, bags and accessories, and are constantly optimising their production processes. Another important aspect of Fjällräven's products is their durability and longevity, which are ensured by their workmanship and wonderful materials, such as the G-1000.

Fjällräven believes that most people buy new outdoor clothes because their old ones look outdated and they want to replace them, not because of their lack of stability and durability. As a result, Fjällräven strives to produce timeless designs to ensure people can wear their clothes for a long time. So, when you buy something from Fjällräven, it’ll be a “purchase for a lifetime.”

Fjällräven Polar and Fjällräven Classic

In the 70s, Fjällräven developed the so-called "Fjällräven Weeks" in Lapland as a meeting point for outdoor enthusiasts. Fjällräven used this opportunity to bring people closer to the beauty and nature of the Nordic wilderness. In addition, the Fjällräven Classic Event has been taking place every year since 2005 and is an event where over 2000 people come together to hill walk and enjoy nature.

Moreover, the Annual Fjällräven Polar Event is a special dog sledge adventure. 20 selected people who don't have any deep rooted knowledge or experience living and surviving in the snowy and ice cold region of the Northern Arctic Circle need to learn how to work with special equipment, as well as how to deal with the extreme winter conditions. The goal of this is to demonstrate that virtually anyone can take on an arctic adventure in the most extreme conditions with the right know-how, high-quality, great equipment and the right outdoor clothes by Fjällräven. It quickly becomes clear to many how important it is to have the right outdoor equipment for demanding outdoor activities in snowy and icy conditions.

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