Outdoor water purification for water treatment

Water Purification

Regular access to drinking water is not a given. Contaminated water can contain bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, chemicals, or pesticides. The tour could easily end sooner than you'd like. With some bad luck, you might also find yourself in an emergency situation.

Outdoor water purification is used on longer tours to guarantee clean drinking water. A few different models are available depending on the intended use. They all work according to different mechanisms.

Our shop contains a wide selection of water treatment aids from manufacturers such as Katadyn, MSR, and Steripen.

Various water treatment methods

Different water treatment methods are used depending on the suspected impurities. An overview of the different variants:
  • Chemical water treatment: Chemical tablets and solutions are light and easy to use. Silver ions, chlorine, or iodine are used against germs that are hard to identify.
  • Optical water treatment: UV light is a simple but effective method for reducing the number of germs. Manufacturers such as Steripen offer travel-sized analogs of the current standard in large water treatment plants.
  • Mechanical water treatment: Outdoor water filters are the classic. They use ceramic filter cartridges and additional filters such as carbon filters. The MSR water filter is a classic example of this water treatment method.

Please note: Every outdoor water purifier has its own strengths and weaknesses. Always read the guidelines in the instruction manual before use. Feel free to contact our customer service with additional questions about outdoor water purifiers.

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