Uncomplicated and super reliable: Alcohol stove

Alcohol Stoves

A camping stove can be operated with gas canisters or gasoline. Alcohol stoves are a practical and totally uncomplicated alternative! Because they are completely reliable, maintenance-free and work in not too cold temperatures without any problem. In addition, methylated spirits are widely available and especially low-priced.

When traveling, the right fuel is easy to find, usually located next to the cleaning products in supermarkets and corner shops. The operating costs of an alcohol stove are very low as there are no maintenance-intensive parts that will need to be repaired.

The principle of the stove is very simple. The fuel is poured into the alcohol burner, lit, put the pot on and you're done. The compact design includes an effective wind shield and usually a complete cooking set with various cookware and utensils is also included. Thanks to the stable stand, it's easy to find a good place to cook. The temperature is regulated simply using the cap and after a few attempts, the outdoor cook will be able to conjure up fine dining just like home. Trangia includes many practical, well-tested accessories for its storm-proof stove, like a smart combination of colander and chopping board.

Another advantage of an alcohol stove is that it operates nearly completely silently. Enjoy the piece and quiet of nature and there's no burning noise like a jet fighter. Alcohol stoves are slower in late autumn and winter than gasoline stoves and gas stoves, which may appear to be a disadvantage. But on holiday who can't spare a couple of minutes for relaxed tasks in mild temperatures?

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