Prepare delicious meals outdoors with a high-quality multifuel stove

White Gas Stoves & Multifuel Stoves

For trekking, camping, or several-day trips: Multifuel stoves or gas stoves are indispensable and should be part of any equipment. Multifuel stoves and gas stoves consist of a refillable fuel bottle and a burner head. Gas stoves and multifuel stoves are light and easy to stow. Thus you will always have some space left, even when your backpack is stuffed. With multifuel stoves and gas stoves you can prepare delicious meals anywhere you want. Enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries after a long and exhausting trip!

What are the advantages of multifuel and gas stoves?

One of the most important advantages multifuel stoves and gas stoves can offer is the fuel they are running on. As the name indicates, gas stoves are fueled with the most common types of petrol such as pure gasoline or unleaded gas station petrol. Multifuel stoves are more flexible as they run on most liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and even petroleum. Therefore, you will find fuel for these stoves even in the remotest corners of the world. This is a significant advantage over the gas stove, since you're not dependent on special gas cartridges. A high burning performance is another advantage of gas and multifuel stoves. This characteristic is particularly valuable when temperatures drop below zero. Gas canisters lose considerable amounts of pressure at extremely cold temperatures. This causes a significant decline in burning performance. With a multifuel or gas stove, this problem doesn't even arise.

Advantages of gas stoves

When the cold makes other devices go haywire, you can still use a gas stove or multifuel stove to make yourself a nice warm tea or prepare a delicious meal. In great heights, oxygen levels are extremely low - too low for gas stoves. When burned, the fuel for multifuel stoves or gas stoves doesn't require as much oxygen as gas. Therefore, these devices can also be used in the high mountains. If you're looking for a high-performance solution for your outdoor kitchen, a multifuel stove or a gas stove is the perfect equipment for you.

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