Prepare delicious meals outdoors with a high-quality multifuel stove

White Gas Stoves & Multifuel Stoves

If you’re planning a multi-day trip, trek or camping trip, then you’ve got to have a multifuel stove with you. Multifuel stoves and petrol stoves consist of a refillable fuel bottle and a burner head, are lightweight and are easy to stow away, which means you’ll always have some space left in your backpack. The great thing about multifuel stoves and petrol stoves is that you can prepare delicious meals anywhere you want. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries after a long and exhausting trip!

What are the advantages of multifuel and petrol stoves?

One of the most important advantages of multifuel stoves and petrol stoves is the flexibility of the fuel they require. Petrol stoves require the most common types of petrol, such as pure petrol or unleaded petrol from the petrol station. Multifuel stoves are more flexible as they run on most liquid fuels like petrol, diesel and paraffin. So, you’re guaranteed to find fuel for these stoves even in the most remote corners of the world. This is a significant advantage over gas cooker, since you’re not dependent on special gas cartridges. In addition, petrol and multifuel stoves are highly efficient, especially when temperatures drop below zero. In comparison, the pressure of gas cartridges decreases noticeably at extremely cold temperatures, resulting in significantly reduced efficiency. With a multifuel or petrol stove, this problem won’t even arise.

Advantages of fuel stoves

When the cold makes other devices go haywire, you know you can still rely on and use a petrol stove or multifuel stove to make yourself a nice warm cup of tea or prepare a delicious meal. Plus, at high altitudes, the oxygen content of the air is very low – too low for gas stoves. The fuel in multi-fuel stoves or petrol stoves does not require as much oxygen as gas for combustion, so can use these devices high up in the mountains. If you’re looking for a high-performance piece of equipment for your outdoor kitchen, a multifuel stove or a petrol stove is the way to go!

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