Ski touring poles for alpine ski adventures and downhill in the back country

Ski Touring Poles

No ski touring without ski touring poles. Don't even think about going up a mountain without those helpful poles because ski touring poles provide you with the necessary support and stability which are vital to successful ski touring.

Equipped with large snow baskets, these mountaineering poles make sure your arms and upper body are supported during your ascend. Thus, they provide the best possible efficiency and while you're going downhill they work just like normal ski poles.

Telescopic poles or folding poles for ski touring

Just like with trekking poles the individual lobes of telescopic poles slide into each other. Clip locks or twist locks can be used to adjust the length perfectly. When folded together they can be attached compactly to your ski touring backpack and transported with ease.

Folding poles usually have a smaller adjustment range. Their stability and lower weight are still very popular among ski touring enthusiasts. The small pack size is perfect for transport in and on the backpack.

Mountaineering poles made of aluminium and carbon

Almost all trekking poles and ski touring poles are made of aluminium and carbon fibre. Of course, there are differences in production and picking the raw materials but both materials share a low weight and high stability. Experienced manufacturers like Black Diamond, Komperdell or Helinox provide a variety of ski touring poles and like to use both materials.

Generally, aluminium is slightly more stable and more long-lasting than carbon. But when it comes to weight you're mostly better off with ultra light carbon fibre. However, the differences in weight and stability often are so slight among high-end poles that they are only relevant for when you participate in competitions or are a fan of ultra light equipment. A successful ski touring rather requires well-formed cork grips or plastic grips which you can grab safely with your ski touring gloves. What's just as important are the baskets that are large in diameter for use in deep snow since small baskets sink too far into deep snow.

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