Ski and ski boot bags for winter sports enthusiasts

To protect your ski boots, skis, ski poles and snowboards during transport, ski and snowboard companies, such as Burton, Dakine and Rossignol, manufacture ski bags, ski boot bags and snowboard bags. Whether you're travelling by car, plane or train, these bags will protect your gear and prevent scratches, bumps and other damage.

Classic ski bags or long bags offer space for a pair of alpine or cross-country skis. The skis' bases need to be placed facing each other and you can use hook-and-loop fasteners or elastic straps to keep them in place. This prevents the ski edges and bases from getting damaged during transport and storage.

Bags for ski boots and snowboard boots

While some snowboard bags offer space for your snowboard boots, you'll need to place your ski boots in their own ski boot bag. They have great packing dimensions and are often equipped with practical carrying handles and extra ventilation openings.

Ski boot bags are sometimes good for snowboard boots due to their similar sizes. Before storing your ski boots for a longer period of time in the bag, you need to make sure they're completely dry. Good ventilation is also very important. When transporting them from the slopes to your home, you can store them even if they're wet.

Ski and snowboard bags with wheels

Some ski bags are equipped with wheels, making them easy to transport whether you're at the airport or at a ski resort. There are also larger models that offer space for up to four pairs of skis and ski poles.

Some snowboard bags are also equipped with high-quality wheels and offer space for either one or two snowboards. Sometimes, you'll even have space for your snowboard boots and warm clothes. Almost all ski bags and snowboard bags have sturdy carrying handles or shoulder straps. These are softly padded and can be removed if necessary.

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