Ski skin accessories

Ski Skin Accessories

Trim-to-fit skins as well as precut skins are of essential importance for ski tours. Due to this reason, a great amount of useful accessories exists, which include products for maintenance and service, skin additions, spare parts, as well as accessories for storage. Black Diamond especially, offers a huge range of accessories for ski tours.


The rider should maintain the skins for touring skis just as regularly as he would service other high-end pieces of equipment. On the one hand, this means that the skins need to be cleaned carefully after each trip in order to keep the skin and adhesive powerful and effective. On the other hand, the rider also has to inspect them regularly and, if necessary, repair the damages as well. Defected pieces can be replaced with the means of skin glue, hook-and-loop fixation, metal loops or ski tips. Waterproofing the surface of the skin is an essential part of maintenance since this will keep them protected against moisture. Like this they will be unaffected by dirt and won´t get very gloppy as well.

Additions and accessories

In case of frozen snow and icy terrain in summit regions, Ski tourers can profit from crampons. Besides skin, even iron is an essential component of the safety equipment. Lanyards are important when it comes to deep snow, since they function as brakes on skis, and keep you from sinking into the snow.

Storage of skins

Whether inside a backpack or over the summer, touring skins need to be stored carefully. A skin bag should prevent them from getting dirty or wet. Such bags are also helpful inside backpacks, since they make it possible to keep the sticky surface of the skins separated from other pieces of equipment.

Storage in a dry place and regular maintenance

Post downhill, the skins should be hung up to dry and cleaned carefully. They should also be stored in a dark and dry place. With regular maintenance and care the skins will keep their first-class functionality and surely serve you for a long time.

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