Always on the ball with the right crampon accessories

Crampon Accessories

Quality equipment for outdoor use is always only as good as its maintenance. The highest quality hardware does not help much if it gives up the ghost too quickly. For proper handling include cleaning, maintenance and repair of equipment. Accessories and spare parts allow long term use of expensive equipment, even under intensive use.
You can fill and mend down jackets, sew backpacks and sharpen crampon teeth. There are more specific tips for choosing the right crampon accessories for long, fun mountain tours.

What crampons accessories are there and what can they do?

Ranging from a crampon bag to keep ice cleats or crampons can be kept safe and clean. So they can be stored easily and neither the crampons nor the backpack is damaged during storage or transport. Like ice tools, you can also protect the crampon points with rubber caps.
The highly stressed front parts are sometimes interchangeable. Similarly, there are also little spare parts, such as rivets, bridges, crampons belts and straps. Accessories for crampons such as an anti-balling plate to prevent snow sticking provide greater comfort during use.
Well-known manufacturers from global mountain sports like Edelrid, Grivel, AustriAlpin and Black Diamond have all the accessories you could need for your crampons!

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