Wagons for children, family and leisure activities


Wagons are a versatile means of transport that have been around for generations. Handcarts and hay wagons were used to transport all kinds of goods and equipment long before the steam engine was invented. Their movable drawbar makes them easier to manoeuvre and allows a person to pull and steer simultaneously.

While the first models were equipped with wheels made of wood, modern handcarts have rubber wheels or plastic tyres. The tyres are sometimes inflatable, allowing you to adjust the air pressure yourself. Other handcarts may have solid rubber tyres or hard plastic tyres. However, inflatable tyres are the best choice for uneven floors. Handcarts with very wide wheels increase the contact surface, making them great for rolling on sand and soft grounds.

Foldable wagons and children's handcarts with a roof

Classic wooden wagons are very popular with children and parents. Although they're super stable, it's more difficult to transport them when travelling by car or train. Foldable wagons, on the other hand, are a modern alternative to wooden models.

Manufacturers such as Veer and Brunner produce lightweight wagons made of durable fabrics and that have foldable frames which are great for travelling and hill walking. You can put a lot of gear in them and have one or two children sit inside them whenever they get tired. Your children will also be protected against the sun and rain when sitting in a wagon with a roof.

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