Climbing training requires the right indoor rope

Indoor Ropes

Indoor ropes are a great thing, not only for beginners who will probably start with top rope climbing but also for ambitious climbers who spend a lot of time on the wall. The following points will help you choose the right indoor rope.

The length of an indoor rope

First you should think about a sensible rope length for you to climb your favorite indoor wall. Apart from the height of the wall, you should also consider overhangs, roofs, and winding routes. There may be few halls higher than 12 meters. However, a 30-meter indoor rope does not suffice if a climbing wall has large overhangs. Remember to calculate generously and add a few extra meters so your rope won't be too short. Short ropes are only suitable for low halls and for climbers who prefer steep and even walls. Generally speaking: In halls with many routes and visitors, short but sufficient indoor ropes are more comfortable to use than lengthy ones. But if you would like to use your indoor rope for outdoor walls as well, you should consider a length of 60 to 70 meters.

Features of indoor ropes

In order to provide sufficient abrasion protection, indoor ropes have a higher sheath percentage and are therefore suitable for extensive use. Moreover, these ropes are dust repellent and have a higher fall rate at a larger diameter (often more than 10 mm). All these features make indoor ropes the perfect choice for top rope climbers and all those who like to try out new things. These ropes are also very durable, which makes them suitable for extensive use and training!

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