When the weather turns: overtrousers for road cycling and mountain biking


The right overtrousers are to biking what hardshell trousers are to hiking and mountaineering. With the right model, you can keep moving forward in cold and damp weather. Waterproof cycling trousers are nice and light and easy to carry around with you. When the weather changes and it's suddenly raining, you can immediately pull them out of your cycling backpack and put them on.

High-performance materials and a technical cut

Mavic, Scott, Maloja: the important manufacturers of stylish, comfortable biking clothes know what's important when it comes to waterproof trousers. High-performance materials with membranes are used, just like with hardshell trousers for outdoor use. That's why these overtrousers aren't just waterproof and windproof. They also provide excellent breathability. Most models come with the same basic accessories. These include clever details such as additional ventilation inserts or ventilation zips, as well as reflective elements.


The right thing for everyone: overtrousers for road cycling and mountain biking

Tight-fitting, light rainlegs with stretch elements are used with road bikes. They take up very little place in storage and can even fit in a jersey pocket. This is practical when a rider is travelling without a cycling backpack. Cycling trousers with chamois are easy to keep on. They preserve comfort when sitting on a bike seat. When it comes to mountain biking, overtrousers have additional functions. For example, they protect against dirt and tend to be looser. The cut is kept wider because cycling protectors are still worn in bad weather.

Overtrousers in reserve for weather changes

Bikers can choose between minimalist leg sleeves and overtrousers with Gore-Tex or other membrane materials. Leg sleeves are especially great for emergencies. You can take them wherever you go. When the forecast promises bad weather from the very beginning, full-fledged overtrousers are recommended. These are noticeably more comfortable and reliable for long periods of time.

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