Short cycling trousers make warm days bearable

Short Cycling Trousers

Besides helmets and cycling gloves, bike shorts are an essential part of a cyclists equipment. When it comes to cycling, inappropriate leg clothing is uncomfortable in different respects, not only during the ride but also afterwards. Special cycling pants are sensible for various reasons. Depending on their purpose, bike shorts come with any imaginable feature. However, they all have one thing in common. Their high elasticity provides you with complete freedom of movement while pedaling. As a cyclist, you already have to fight the forces of gravity, air resistance, and the frictional resistance of your tires. Unmanageable cycling pants will soon make you lock your bike away.

The purpose determines the cut

In general, bike shorts can be divided into two groups: Tight-fitting cycling pants for racing cyclists and race-oriented mountain bikers, and casually cut bike shorts for mountain bikers in general. The close-fitting cut of road bike pants from manufacturers like Pearl Izumi or Mavic triggers an aerodynamic effect, especially when you go downhill. Some of these pants come with specifically structured surfaces that reduce air resistance to a minimum and are made of special stretch fabrics that encourage your blood circulation. Close-fitting shorts are often designed as bib shorts. Their high cut protects your kidneys when racing downhill. They are also equipped with mesh inserts that let humidity escape quickly. In contrast to these pants, comfortably cut mountain bike shorts provide a pleasant wearing sensation and are very robust. Depending on their purpose, these baggies are made of light and breathable fabrics or come with paddings and reinforcements that protect your thighs and knees.

Bike shorts with or without chamois

In the first place: If you would like to prevent painful pressure or abrasion marks on your backside after a long days ride, you should always wear pants with chamois. Whether it is already integrated in your bike shorts or used with additionally padded cycling underwear depends on the intended purpose and your very own taste. With road bike pants, this question becomes irrelevant : They always come with integrated chamois. Depending on the duration of the tour, they are more or less padded and are usually worn without additional cycling underwear. Most often manufacturers like Löffler, Scott, or Mavic offer mountain bike shorts in combination with padded inner pants. In some cases, the latter are removable. Sometimes they are firmly integrated.

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