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The company Endura Ltd. was founded in Edinburgh in 1992. The founder was - as it should be - a real bike enthusiast.

Whilst doing a triathlon in Australia, all of his equipment was stolen, forcing him to completely replace everything. Disappointed by the poor selection on offer, he decided after returning home to Scotland to take matters into his own hands. That is how the "legend" goes. Since the company was founded, it has aimed to produce high quality cycle clothing and bike equipment that focuses on the right quality, function and longevity to keep up with the best of the best!

Today, Endura is an indispensable part of the cycling world. The Scots are one of the most famous cycling equipment manufacturers in Europe and have a long success story as well as numerous innovations under their belt. If you don't want to make any compromises when it comes to bike equipment and value the highest quality, then these pros are just right for you!

What does Endura have to offer?

Endura has everything you could possibly need for biking. From bike protectors and helmets to cycling jerseys or cycling glasses - it is easy enough to put together an entire professional cycling ensemble using the products made by these Scots. But one thing at a time!


Those who take cycling seriously cannot forget about safety. The company offers helmets and protectors that will provide the best protection if you have a nasty fall. Mountain bike helmets and road bike helmets protect the head and absorb the shock of heavy impact. It works similar to the crumple zone of a car. The protectors made by this Scottish company are just as shock-absorbing. For your knees, the arms/elbows or for your shins - the right protection can keep every cyclist safe from serious injuries!

Endura has plenty on offer when it comes to clothing! Functional cycling jerseys, for example. They are usually very lightweight and tight-fitting. High-performance fabric allows for high breathability as well as fantastic moisture exchange. Just the right thing for demanding touring! Well padded bike pants are needed when sitting in the saddle for a long time. The Scots know what it takes and have the products to prove it. The cycling pants that these cycling professionals have in their portfolio are highly functional and durable. High quality seat padding makes long rides that much more comfortable and ensure a pain-free backside.

The company offers cycling gloves for better grip on the handles. They are made of flexible and robust materials that are breathable and have a non-slip coating on the palms. This guarantees a strong and secure grip, even in more heated situations. From the hands all the way down to the feet. Endura has high quality cycling shoes that are specially made to meet the needs of more demanding bike sport fans.


Quality that is easy to see

But that's not all the Scots have to offer. From cycling shoes and sunglasses to cycling jackets, Endura leaves nothing to be desired. And the quality is a testament to that. The company uses only the best raw materials and fabrics to make their products. Only then can they stay true to their promise of only delivering the highest quality, long-lasting equipment. The Scots also work alongside professional cyclists, racers and world champions to deliver the level of quality and innovation they believe their fans deserve!

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