More than just a simple accessory: bike bells

Bike Bells

Just like cars have a horn, your road bike, mountain bike, city bike or kids bike should have a bell! Bike bells significantly reduce the chance of getting into an accident whilst cycling on cycling paths or on regular roads because they allow you to alert other road users and pedestrians of your presence.

You can attach them to any handlebar

Bike bells come in different colours and sizes, from mini bells with a short, sharp sounds to large bells that are guaranteed to be heard. Bells can be easily attached to a bracket on the handlebar, so you can even use them on several bikes.

Bells for kids and cyclists

Being the most vulnerable cyclists out there, kids need all the protection they can get. As a result, a bike bell is an absolute must on all kids bikes. Plus, thanks to all their beautiful, fun designs, children are guaranteed to find one they love.
Road bike and mountain bike users tend to opt for lightweight bells that are fixed with a rubber band or some other uncomplicated attachment. These don’t damage the handlebar and can be removed quickly if needed.

Important things to look out for

In addition to the colour, size and the attachment type, there are a few other features you should look out for when purchasing a bike bell.

  • The bike bell should make a clear, audible sound.
  • You must be able to operate the bell whilst pushing the bike and when the bike is standing.
  • The bell must work at all times, regardless if it’s raining or cold out.
Your bike bell should be mounted in the right place and it shouldn’t require batteries.
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