Sneakers are the other shoes!


The word sneaker has two meanings. That's because, many kinds of sports shoe fall under this category, which have a fashionable appearance and aren't designed for sport but for everyday life. They sneak, as it were, among the sportspeople of the pedestrian zone.
Thus, the term is very broad and includes quite a few types of shoes which are mostly flat, lightweight and very chic. Yet included in sneakers are also winter boots and trail running shoes which have both very urban and sporty models alike. As it's difficult to strictly determine the term, here's an overview of some sneakers and their features. So you can learn why sneakers somehow embody a lifestyle and why sneakers are simply sneakers and not ordinary shoes!

Materials and Images of sneakers

There's hardly any material which you can't make sneakers from. Sneakers can be made of leather, synthetic leather, synthetic fibers, cotton or even hemp. The different outer fabrics mean that sneakers can look widely different and are especially versatile.
SneakersSynthetic fiber designs are somewhat sportier, with the best breathability, and are designed for people who run a lot. Such sneakers are a real commitment to the sport, so much so that you can't walk around in leather shoes in everyday life.
Robust models in leather and synthetic leather are particularly comfortable and chic. This kind of sneaker is somewhat of a trendsetter, embodying a sense of well-kept urbanity.
For people in baggy pants with a bobble hat in summer and scratched fingernails from bouldering, there are sneakers made of environmentally conscious materials such as cotton or hemp. They embody a less style-conscious, more free and casual lifestyle.
Of course, these are just stereotypes, which don't define the shoe itself or decide on who can wear them.

Sneaker models

There are sneakers like slippers, sneakers like trail runners, sneakers like hiking shoes, sneakers like boots, sneakers like ballerinas, sneakers like freeriders and sneakers like approach shoes.
Pretty much every type of footwear has a counterpart sneaker. Either you use actual sports shoes and make a sneaker out of it or you can take a look at the slightly modified, suitably for everyday sister of the ordinary sports shoe which are sold from the outset as sneakers.
Either way: Sneakers are young, dynamic, sporty, wearable everyday, chic, colorful, simple, functional, durable and all that somehow simultaneously. Stand out from the crowd and impress with nice detail solutions and practical features.

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