Protect your knees with knee sleeves!

Knee Sleeves

Arm warmers, leg warmers and knee warmers are reliable accessories for mountain biking, road biking or tour biking. These small, lightweight accessories provide effective thermal insulation and are a great addition to add to your functional cycling clothes collection.
The following sections will describe the features of knee warmers and what to look for when buying them, because not all models will suit your needs.

Knee sleeves - differences and features

Knee warmers are articulated short sleeves for the knees. Some models are built for cool weather, making them too warm for warmer months. Other knee sleeves can be used at any time to simply prevent the knee joint from cooling down.
It’s recommended that on longer excursion your knees should be covered when temperatures hit below 15°C to prevent future strain and discomfort. Since it can be pleasant to cycle in shorts even at 10 degrees, you can supplement the shorts with knee sleeves and carry on your tour with no worries.
Important features for knee sleeves include the fabric, fit and extra properties. Most knee sleeves are made of stretchy synthetic blends, some are made of wool to provide more warmth and some feature a weatherproof membrane. You’re guaranteed to find the right product for you from these brands: Löffler, Endura, Mavic or Pearl Izumi!
The knee sleeves shouldn’t be too long, should fit snug, yet shouldn’t be restrictive or pinch whilst pedalling and most certainly shouldn't slip. To prevent slippage, some models are equipped with silicone inserts, so the knee warmers remain on your skin and stay where they should be. Some models also feature reflectors or are articulated so you’ll have a specific left and right knee sleeve.

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