Arm warmers are a great piece of equipment for cycling

Arm Warmers

Whether you've got a mountain bike, trekking bike or road bike, small, yet clever accessories can significantly improve your comfort whilst cycling. Some examples include tubular tape under your helmet for added insulation, the right gloves, a balaclava or popular accessories like leg, knee and arm sleeves! Not only are they as light as a feather, but they’ll also prevent your sensitive limbs and joints from cooling down too quickly!
Right now, we’re going to focus on arm sleeves. You’ll find out what the most important characteristics of good arm sleeves are, what they’re made of and what you have to consider when buying them.

Types and features of arm sleeves

Arm sleeves are not always the same as arm warmers because some models are actually made of fabrics that trigger a cooling effect. In our shop, you’ll find a broad range of designs by renowned cycling manufacturers, such as Endura, Mavic, Löffler and Pearl Izumi.
The product descriptions indicate the type of arm sleeve it is, but here’s a general rule: the heavier the arm sleeve, the thicker and warmer it is. As for their fabric, most arm sleeves are made of synthetic mixed fabrics. For example, the use of elastane provides stretch, while polyamide and polyester guarantee quick-drying properties and ensure the sleeves retain their shape. Some arm sleeves are even equipped with a windproof membrane and provide great weather protection. In addition, there are some arm warmers made of new wool, which are particularly soft and warm.
However, not only is the length and width important to consider when looking for arm sleeves: bright colours provide more cooling, articulated arm warmers (left/right) have a better fit, reflectors ensure safety and silicone trimmings on the upper band prevents the sleeve from slipping. Finally, the fewer the seams, the more comfortable they’ll feel!

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