Underpants for outdoor sports enthusiasts

Outdoor Underpants

Whether you're winter hiking, skiing or mountaineering - the base layer is at least just as important as a weatherproof and stable outer layer. These base layers are therefore available in a wide variety of models, lengths, cuts and materials.

Practical underpants are available for women, men, teenagers and kids and mostly consists of synthetic fibre or merino wool/ merino blends. Many of the underpants by Icebreaker, Ortovox or Devold are offered with matching base layer vests as well.

Functional shorts, tights or boot cut

Base layer shorts are a great choice for summer. What's especially practical is that merino undergarments remain odour neutral during long hikes and trekking tours. This is why many hikers resort to sport socks made of merino wool. Breathable synthetic fibre underwear is popular among cyclists, runners and trail runners as it wicks away moisture from the body much quicker than regular cotton undergarments.

For better insulation and more warmth, you should go with a slim-fitting base layer in conjunction with tights. They make up the underpant underneath the outer layer which protects you from snow, wind and rain. Depending on the recommended use, the active underwear reaches either to your ankles or knees. Alpinists who are wearing walking boots or ski boots often prefer a boot cut base layer. That means that the underpants end above the boot. This prevents painful pressure points on the legs.

Elastic materials for perfect freedom of movement and best comfort

Good active underpants should provide you with a second-skin-like feeling. Elastic materials guarantee great freedom of movement when you're hiking, hillwalking, climbing, cycling or skiing. Flat and stable seams prevent uncomfortable pressure points on your legs even when you're moving a lot.

For maximum flexibility, have a range of base layers in various lengths and styles to choose from. Thus, you can prepare for any temperature and the recommended use perfectly and don't have to sweat or freeze but just enjoy the optimal temperature.

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