Have a great view during steep descents with the right goggles


When the wind starts picking up and dust, mud and insects are coming straight at you on your downhill descent, you need to protect your eyes with some proper goggles.
Large downhill goggles are great protectors because they protect the eyes not only from dirt, insects and rain, but the tint and mirroring also protect against blinding sun rays. Especially in forests, the diffused light can make it difficult to tell what there is around you and how far away it is. Cycling glasses with UV protection significantly increase contrast sensitivity, making it easier to look ahead on the route.
However, protection against the wind, dirt and sunrays isn’t the only things to consider when buying mountain bike googles for downhill sports. So, here are a few more tips for choosing the right goggles!

Features of goggles

Goggles are protective eyewear, which can be used for diving, alpine skiing or MTB sports. Especially during downhill mountain biking (downhill, enduro, freeride), large glasses that cover the entire eye, protect the sides and go over the bridge of the nose are worn with a full face helmet. So, the goggles and helmet will protect the entire top of the head, including your jaw and chin against falls, and only leave the nose and mouth uncovered.
In addition, the fit of the glasses is important to not only stop the sun and dirt from getting in from the side or the bottom, but also to feel comfortable without any pinching. Goggles usually have wide, one-size-fits-all adjustable straps made up of non-slip silicone trimmings and you should definitely try them on with your helmet. Plus, there are special lens treatments that help prevent the goggles from fogging up when it rains or when you’re waiting for the lift, and some goggles are even equipped with side vents. Some other features of goggles include their soft padding that prevents any pressure points and their mirrored lenses. It’s particularly important to look out for the degree of tinting, if there’s a scratch-resistant coating and the degree of the pane’s curvature. Practical accessories that come with goggles include a goggle cloth and a padded storage bag.

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