Style and speed in downhill jerseys

Downhill Jerseys

Downhill T-shirts are the outer layer of downhill clothing. They are the equivalent of the MTB jackets worn by downhill riders. Mountain bikers wear downhill jerseys over their protection vests or back protectors for downhill, freeriding or endurance rides. Close fitting bike underwear or base layers sit directly on the skin. Downhill T-shirts form the outer layer and are a looser cut, so that the protectors have enough space underneath them. The material is quick drying, breathable, and yet protects the skin from wind chill in the airstream.

Downhill T-shirts made from lightweight and very robust fibres are used, which are better at withstanding frequent washing. These kinds of MTB jerseys are obviously not indestructible, but the synthetic fibre fabric can still survive falls or slides very well.

Downhill T-shirts protect against scrapes and grazes

When it comes to Downhill MTB, protecting the skin and bones is obviously the most important thing. Downhill clothing protects those parts of the body, that are not padded by protectors. So MTB jerseys are effective protection against grazes on the arms or on the rest of the upper body.

Depending on mark and model mountain bikers will find also downhill jerseys from companies like O'Neal or Endura with good reinforcements at hard-wearing points, like the elbows.

Downhill trousers in short or long designs

To complete your downhill outfit cycling companies like Mavic also offer longer downhill trousers along with their downhill shorts. The advantage of the longer models is that the skin of the whole leg is optimally protected. The MTB pants are often worn by bikers for racing and in the cycling park. Many models are specially reinforced and look similar to moto cross trousers. Short downhill trousers provide better ventilation. Additional knee protection and shin guards compensate for the missing protection.

Along with downhill helmets, knee and back protectors, eyewear and downhill gloves, downhill jerseys are an important part of a mountain biker's downhill equipment. Not least because downhill T-shirts feature stylish accents. MTB T-shirts are available in all kinds of colours: From simple black and grey to striking prints in neon designs, there is something for ever mountain biker. And matching downhill shorts are often available in the same colour or with matching patterns. These will perfect your racing look.

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