Total sleeping comfort with a blanket sleeping bag

Blanket Sleeping Bags

Is it a blanket? Is it a sleeping bag? It's both! A blanket sleeping bag is a light and airy sleeping bag, which usually has an all-round zip. When zipped open, the blanket sleeping bag can be used as a simple blanket. Blanket sleeping bags are super spacious and allow you to enjoy a comfortable nights sleep. Almost as good as sleeping in your own bed. Camping, trekking, traveling, festivals, couch surfing, blanket sleeping bags can do it all!

Comfortable, warm and versatile

Blanket sleeping bags are simple, lightweight and extremely versatile. They are spacious but have a small pack size and are super comfortable in warm and moderate temperatures. Some models can be connected to one another using the all-round zip. In no time at all you can have yourself a large double sleeping bag or a nice couples sleeping bag. Blanket sleeping bags are relatively thin, making them great for indoor use. Perfect for staying at a friend's house, couch surfing or spending the night in a cabin.

Which quilt sleeping bag for which situation?

As with most outdoor products, quilt sleeping bags come in various shapes and sizes. They differ mainly in terms of fill and outer material. Humid conditions, such as sultry summer nights, tropical climates and moist cold air, require a blanket sleeping bag with a synthetic fill. A synthetic fill copes very well with moisture without losing thermal efficiency or "fluffiness". Outdoor professionals reach for models with a warm down for cold, dry temperatures. Basically, you should always check which temperature range the blanket sleeping bag is designed for. That's the best way to avoid any nasty surprises. As far as the material is concerned: Blanket sleeping bags come in cotton, or with a synthetic outer material such as polyester. Combinations with cotton on the inside and synthetic fabrics on the outside are also available.

You will also have to consider your height when choosing your sleeping bag. You don't want to have to squeeze into a sleeping bag that's too small for you. But fear not, there are plenty of variations on offer! Large or small, with inner pocket, for individuals or couples, well-known brands such as Therm-a-Rest, Vaude, Yeti and Exped provide the best quality. But these are by no means the only well-known outdoor brands with decent blanket sleeping bags. Both as a blanket and as a warm sleeping bag, a blanket sleeping bag always makes for a good night's sleep!

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