Waterproof torches for the great outdoors

Waterproof Torches

Whoever only goes outdoors when it's sunny, can only do that to a limited extent around here. Anyone who enjoys always going outdoors, must be able to rely on gear with good weather protection. Among these are a windproof jacket as well as warm shoes and waterproof hardware. Just as a backpack with the right rain cover remains dry, a torch's robust and weatherproof design has to keep it functional while being used in the rain.
A rain proof torch must come with an airtight construction, otherwise it would only be splashproof. The IPX standard indicates the level of moisture protection. The higher the value, the better the waterproof flashlight right up to a real underwater torch.
Apart from the impermeability features, there are also general tips on the features of waterproof torches for outdoor use in sports and work.

What makes a waterproof torch?

Whether its a professional underwater torch for water and subaqua sports or an outdoor torch with permanent weather protection - luminosity, battery performance (lighting duration), bulb type and weight are always important factors in selecting a suitable model.
A diving lamp is often powered by halogen spots, while head torches or flashlights usually hold LED spots. The effective luminosity cast on the environment is measured in lumen. The value for each brightness setting should be factored into battery life.
Waterproof torches are normally made of a milled and precisely worked aluminum casing with an electronic assembly that can be operate both intuitively and with gloves. One thus gets light and robust lamps with guaranteed durability, since each of the components can usually be replaced (seals, batteries, bulbs).
In addition, special grooves in the casing ensure that the waterproof torches made by NiteCore or LED Lenser do not overheat too quickly when operated at high brightness settings.

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