Summer sleeping bags for long nights in the open-air

Summer Sleeping Bags

Every Alpine Trekker needs a good summer sleeping bag in their kit. True outdoor lovers don't stay in hotels or camp sites; they prefer to be out in nature - in summer as well as winter, right on the rocks or on a high mountain meadow. Most would seldom risk sleeping outdoors in a winter sleeping bag in minus temperatures and icy cold. They would rather roll out their sleeping bags on mild summer nights under a starry sky without any kind of roof over their head. A tent or - for better protection from the damp - a bivy bag is all you need to make a simple camp for the night. Then the fresh-air enthusiasts are truly in their element, wrapped in a comfortable summer sleeping bag, the starry sky just that little bit closer.

Spoilt for choice - down sleeping bags or synthetic sleeping bags

Regardless of whether you're looking for a winter sleeping bag or summer sleeping bag - make sure you choose the right sleeping bag for you, before you spend your first night under the stars. There are numerous materials and constructions, as well as special designs for women, to choose from. Summer sleeping bags are available as down sleeping bags, or synthetic fibre sleeping bags or with a mixed material fill. Summer sleeping bags with a down or duck feather fill have the decided advantage that you will barely notice them in terms of their packed dimensions, but offer great insulation. However, if the down becomes damp, it provides much less warmth than synthetic fibres. A summer sleeping bag made from synthetic fibres is heavier and takes up more space in a backpack. But it can be useful in damp conditions because it will remain exceptionally warm. So depending on how you need to use the sleeping bag and the weather conditions, in the end the choice is not difficult; who wants to haul unnecessary weight up a mountain or freeze at night?

Summer sleeping bags with practical features and innovative design

Regardless of whether you choose a down or synthetics sleeping bag, most summer sleeping bags are designed in a mummy shape to wrap closely around the body and optimally store heat. Cold spots are avoided with offset seams inside and out. Down sleeping bags generally come with a chamber structure to keep the feather fill from bunching in one area. The head region in every summer sleeping bag is insulated more thickly, since most body heat is lost through the head. There is also a collar attached which can be drawn over the face like a hood to shut out the outside world. So cold air won't get in and warm air can't escape. The left or right side mounted zips can be easily accessed from both the outside and the inside. Some models of summer sleeping bags can be coupled to make the most of your body heat and enjoy the night together.

The right summer sleeping bag for every temperature

If you are looking to buy a summer sleeping bag, you should take a look at the temperature range it covers. This is always divided into comfort, limit and extreme zones, which cover a considerable temperature range. The comfort value should be the most important consideration with sleeping bags; this tells you up to which temperature the sleeping bag remains comfortably warm. The values in the extreme range give you the absolute limit, at which the human body can still function, but staying in these temperatures for extended periods of time can result in serious damage to your health. These details are most important for overnighting in winter, but they can also be relevant even in late summer, in the event of a sudden cold snap.

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