Gas lanterns - let there be light!

Gas Lanterns

Gas lanterns have high luminance. They are ideally suited to illuminate outdoor cooking spots or even provide light for a large round of cards.

Modern gas lanterns have good luminous efficiency and some burn for more than 30 hours with only one gas filling. In our range there is an extensive selection of high quality gas lanterns from manufacturers such as Primus, Edelrid or Snow Peak.

A Question of Light

Even though nowadays gas lanterns aren't as commonly used as LED lamps and headlamps, they certainly still have their uses. If you need to illuminate a large area of camp for example, then you'll quickly find that LED lanterns just don't quite reach far enough. The luminosity is finely adjusted and the light is often perceived as more pleasant than a bright LED light. Combined with the beautiful, quiet sound of the gas lantern, it conjures up a wonderful camp atmosphere.

Positioning and hanging

All gas lanterns can be placed anywhere with a hanging chain or similar. When hung up high, the lamp illuminates even large areas and repels mosquitoes.

Available gas canisters

You always need to ensure you have enough fuel, so the light won't go out. In our range there's suitable screw cartridges for every need in a range of sizes.

Always have a spare mantle

Thanks to the low weight of modern lamps, these can be tucked easily into your luggage. But even with a transport box and some shock protection, even the best lamps need a little care sometimes. The most commonly affected part is the mantle. So you should always carry a spare.

Piezo ignition for easy lighting of the gas lantern

Many models are equipped with a Piezo ignition so they can be lit very easily. Simply turn up the gas, ignite, done. In addition, a Piezo ignition reduces the risk of damaging the mantle.

The gas lantern for true camp romance

First there was the LED, then the good old light bulb disappeared. Really nice light in the evening has since become a real rarity. Often the spark of a campfire is not possible and candlelight is barely enough.

A silent gas lantern provides an incomparable atmosphere when camping outdoors and some of the modern lighting systems are truly amazing.

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