Gas lanterns - let there be light!

Gas Lanterns

Gas lanterns have a high light output, making them perfect for illuminating outdoor cooking spots and a game of cards.

Modern gas lanterns have a great light output and some can even burn for more than 30 hours with only one gas filling. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality gas lanterns from manufacturers such as Primus, Edelrid or Snow Peak.

A matter of light

Even though nowadays gas lanterns aren’t as commonly used as LED lamps and head torches, they are still useful. If you need to illuminate a large camping area for example, then you’ll quickly realize that LED lanterns just don’t cut it. In addition. you can finely adjust the luminosity of gas lanterns and their light is often perceived as more pleasant than a bright LED light. Plus. thanks to its beautiful, quiet sound, a gas lantern will create a wonderful camping atmosphere.

Positioning and hanging

All gas lanterns can be placed anywhere when using a chain or similar. When hung up high, not only can the lamp illuminates large areas, but it even repels mosquitoes.

Available gas canisters

You should make sure to always have enough fuel to prevent the light from going out. In our shop, you’ll find screw cartridges in different sizes that are guaranteed to suit your needs.

Always have a spare gas mantle

Thanks to modern lamps’ light weights, they can be easily stowed away into your luggage. However, even when stowed away in a transport box with some shock protection, you still need to be careful because the gas mantle is very sensitive. As a result, you should always carry a spare gas mantle with you.

Piezo ignition for lighting gas lanterns

Many models are equipped with a Piezo ignition, which makes lighting very easy. Simply turn up the gas, ignite, done. In addition, a Piezo ignition reduces the risk of damaging the gas mantle.

Gas lanterns for a romantic camp atmosphere

As the LED came, the good old light bulb disappeared. However, an LED’s light isn’t as beautiful during a relaxing evening camp. And, both the spark of a campfire and candle light are often not bright enough.

A silent gas lantern provides an incomparable atmosphere when camping outdoors and some of the modern lighting systems are truly amazing.

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