Handlebar bags provide easy-access storage while on the saddle

Handlebar Bags

A practical addition for leisurely cycling tours or multi-week bike trips: Handlebar bags for bikes! Unlike panniers and saddle bags, these are always on-hand and easy to access. Cycling backpacks are comfortable, well-ventilated, and have decent storage space. But they still become uncomfortable after lengthy stages and multi-day tours. This is where panniers and stuff pockets have an advantage: they aren't worn on the body!

Balanced load distribution on a bike

A backpack feels very heavy when you've been sitting on a bike seat for several days. Your cargo also sways back and forth because it's further from the ground when you're pedaling. To access your equipment, you have to remove your cycling backpack. Your absolute essentials are easy to access when you store them in a handlebar bag. You can quickly reach your camera, your wallet, or a small snack without interrupting your journey. The map compartment can store a map with the day's stage whenever you're in an unfamiliar region. Now that you have a map holder with a protective cover, you can concentrate on your route.

Handlebar Bags

Durable, robust companions for exciting bike trips

The fabric that makes up a typical handlebar bag has certain material properties. Unlike functionwear, a pannier doesn't have to be breathable. The most important things to look for are robustness, durability, and a long product life. Reliable manufacturers such as Norco and Vaude focus on stable and abrasion-resistant nylon fabrics. They are water-repellent, they have a rain hood, and the cover flap has the necessary closure. With this, the handlebar bag is waterproof. Long-term, continuous rain will not damage any of its contents.

Useful added features of handlebar bags

Before buying a handlebar bag, consider looking at its additional features. What attachment is installed? This is where Klickfix really comes in handy. Extra details such as reflective elements and materials are a prudent, practical addition. They improve safety under bad lighting conditions and in darkness. The bag is also easy to mount and take off.
Last but not least, the look and design play an important role. This is especially true when the bike is for everyday use. The handlebar bag provides additional storage.

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