Helmet cameras shoot amazing footage of almost any adventure

Helmet Cameras

Exciting trips with your bicycle and loads of action, but at home nobody believes you? Footage recorded with helmet cameras silences any skeptical voice! The design of these little companions is particularly robust, which makes them perfect for wild downhill rides, jumps, and turns. Apart from their sturdy design, today's mini camcorders also offer an impressing image quality in high definition pictures. Most cameras are splashproof or can be equipped with a waterproof housing.

What you should consider before purchasing a helmet camera

If you would like to enjoy your action cam for a long time, you should consider the following facts before making a choice.

  • What main purpose do you want to use the camera for?
  • Where will the camera be mounted? On your helmet, a ski pole, a skateboard, or a surfboard?
  • What resolution do you need?
  • What equipment is available? Are these pieces of equipment compatible with one another?
It is always a good decision to choose a camera holder that is more robust than necessary. Keep in mind that the mounting of the camera must withstand strong forces at high speeds. This applies to downhill cyclists as well as longboarders and skaters riding with helmet cameras.

Helmet Cameras

Basic equipment and useful tools

GoPro, Garmin and Lupine offer high-quality cameras and a lot of compatible equipment. The compact high-resolution cams give you great footage that you can edit at home. You will hardly notice a small helmet camera while filming, which allows you to focus on the track. However, the smaller the camera, the more expensive it will be at the same image quality and resolution. Enjoy more possibilities with some practical equipment:

  • A handlebar mount or a helmet attachment.
  • A lightweight monopod or a flexible tripod for mounting the cameras on trees or railings.
  • A wireless remote control.
  • If there is no permanently installed lens or an insufficient focal length range, you can add a wide-angle lens.
  • And of course extra batteries and several memory cards with sufficient capacities.

Useful facts about helmet camera resolutions

Information about the resolution of action cams can seem confusing but it really isn't too complicated and quite easily explained.
A quick example: 7MP, 1080p (24/25/30 fps) stands for 7 megapixels for photos and 1920 x 1080 pixels for full-screen video footage at 24, 25, or 30 full-screen frames per second. A higher number of frames per second allows you to capture jumps and action-packed scenes perfectly. You're audience will really get a feeling of being part of the action.
HDR features use exposure brackets which allow a detailed reproduction of situations with bad lightning conditions or major brightness differences. As is the case with digital cameras, higher resolutions require larger memory capacities.

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