The climbing guide shows the way

Climbing Guides

We all know the problem: you drive off in direction south for the nearest sunny, rocky climbing paradise and presume to be able to acquire a climbing guide when you get there - a climbing guide that provides an insight into the many routes available among the seemingly endless rocks. However, then you discover that the so-called climbing guide is sold out from the local climbing shop, only available in one week or out of stock altogether. A good reason then to take care of the climbing guide for your dream climbing destination before you even leave home. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than being in climbing paradise and not knowing where to find the best routes. Even when planning from home, a detailed climbing guide can be worth its weight in gold.

Climbing guides for sport and Alpine climbing

What constitutes a minor annoyance in sport climbing can quickly become outright dangerous in alpine climbing. Then detailed route planning with a climbing guide is of critical importance. Good climbing guides not only show the correct routes and prevent you from taking the wrong ones, they also provide you with information about key points, the ascent, the descent, safety information and the character of individual routes. As a result, a well-researched climbing guide can be used to distinguish between a dangerous adventure route and a well-secured pleasure route at a glance.

What different climbing guides are there?

In addition to the sports and alpine guide books mentioned above, there are also bouldering guides and special ice climbing guides. Climbing guides for boulderers are partially integrated in the regular sports climbing area guides. Every major bouldering area, however, has its own bouldering guide showing all the blocks and bouldering problems.
Climbing guides for ice climbers mostly do not show any precise routes and only a single indicator in the difficulty rating. This is because ice is subject to constant change, so unlike a rock face, an ice fall is never the same twice. For this reason, these climbing guides often provide ascent and descent diagrams rather than detailed route topographies.
Whether you are a sports climber, boulderer, alpinist or ice climber - without the right climbing guide, finding the right route is that much more difficult.

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